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We have spent many hours researching all of the fat burning programs available on the market. On this site you will find several programs that we have found to be the best choices.  Below is our pick for the #1 fat burning program available.

Read our Burn The Fat Review for a detailed consumer report on this program.


On this site you'll also find consumer reports on other top burn fat programs including Fat Burning Furnace, The Diet Solution, Eat Stop Eat, Warp Speed Fat Loss and Truth About Abs.


Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is an effective fat burning system that shows you how to burn fat while your body builds lean muscle. This powerful fat loss system was designed by Tom Venuto, an expert in the field with nearly 2 decades of experience. He’s a lifetime natural bodybuilder, nutritionist, success coach and personal trainer. All of this experience has helped him create and formulate a fat burning system that is super easy for anyone to use regardless of their physical fitness level or previous experiences they may have had with unsuccessful fat burning programs.

Here are some of the fat burning secrets you'll discover in this system:  

The #1 most effective way to burn body fat ever ( Making this one change to your diet program will yield massive results)


How to smash your way through any fat loss plateau, even if you've been stuck at the same body weight for years! 10 fool-proof methods that work like magic every single time.


The #1 reason why most people can't lose the last 10 -20 lbs of ab flab and how you can get rid of it with ease. You will also learn how to (if you would like to) go even further and get hyper-ripped and rock-hard like a conditioned bodybuilder or fitness model.


How to eat 50% more calories without storing even an ounce of it as fat. It's true, you will be able to actually eat more food while losing more fat using this simple, but often overlooked strategy! Learn about foods that burn fat.


How to crank up your metabolism and turn your body into a food-incinerating, fat-melting human blast furnace! Burn belly fat and build muscle. Easy metabolism-boosting techniques revealed!


How to make sure your body is burning fat throughout the day, even when you're asleep!


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