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Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Review Overview

Are you looking for an honest diet program that isn’t over hyped, promising you massive weight loss but not actually delivering? There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of fat burning diets out there though finding one that can really help you lose those extra pounds from your waist can be tough, especially as the diet and nutrition industry is a billion dollar one filled with scam artists. In your search for the right diet you may have come across the Anne Collins weight loss program; she is an Irish nutritionist who has made a name for herself from developing a number of popular diet plans.

What is the Anne Collins Weight Loss Program?

Anne Collins weight loss programUnlike fad diets or over hyped quick fix weight loss programs that guarantee you a models body in weeks, the Anne Collins weight loss program appears a little more toned down. You have to pay a membership fee to the Anne Collins website then you receive access to the member’s area. Here you can download a selection of diet plans which come as electronic books, you can browse an area for professional advice and updates and you can read and post on the group forum allowing you to share your experiences with other dieters. The membership lasts for 1 year, in which you get all the updated materials for free, so if a new book hit the shelves you may download it for your self.

The Anne Collins diet program isn’t made up of just one specific diet plan, instead the creator has split each into a certain area of dieting; for example you can choose to start on the “Low Calorie Diet” which is made up of two 14-day set menus containing recipes and substitute ingredients for more variety. There’s also the “Cholesterol Lowering Diet” made for anyone with particularly high cholesterol who also wants to lose weight, the menus have been kept quite open, meaning there are a lot of possible ingredient combinations to make eating more enjoyable.

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Pros and Cons of the Anne Collins Weight Loss Program


(1) A wide variety of different types of recipes and diet plans keeps dieting fun and enjoyable.
(2) Access to a group forum is a great way to keep your self motivated by giving your opinion and making friends with the same goal as you.
(3) The price for one year is very low; this is probably the most attractive pro.


(1) There is only a brief mention of exercise and not much in the way of help choosing the right workout types for faster weight loss.
(2) Would be great if there was ace to online automated tools, such as calorie counters or food plan schedule makers to help you keep on top of your progress.

Customer Feedback for Anne Collins Weight Loss Program

“I used the low carb diet. It was great and I lost nearly 20 pounds. I'm not a member any more. Don't need to be :) But I think my password still works. It's only 20 bucks so your downside from a cash point of view is nothing to worry about. The forum is great. I used it for quite a while even after I made my target weight."

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“I joined, and have felt motivated and well served so far. I consider that for the ebooks alone, with their comprehensive diet lists, the low subscription would be worthwhile. Add to this the online 1-2-1 help, the forums and motivation stuff, and this value increases. The pages giving food energy values are free to all anyway. There are also some UK alternative diets given, so Anne is sensitive to the needs of non-US clients." 


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“I have been doing a very low calorie diet for 2 weeks. I have lost 9.2 pounds. Which makes me very happy. I have started to exercise and feel really great. I am not hungry. I just choose the best foods to fill me up and are low calorie." 


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Product Details

The whole package will cost you just $19.97 for 12-months, this gives you access to everything in the members area and free downloads of the latest updates as well. Here is exactly what you get for your money:

- Access to 9 specially designed original diet plans
- Access to the exercise area, motivation techniques advice and any future updates
- Membership to the group forums

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Conclusion

In conclusion the Anne Collins Weight Loss Program represents an exceptional deal, priced at a low $19.97 for a range of extensive diet plans, forum access and a few other bits of advice is a good start for anyone looking to slim down, but doesn’t want to throw away too much on fad diets. If you’re new to dieting and are looking for a no frills, no nonsense option then this may be exactly what you’re after.

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