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The Diet SolutionObesity is the blame for many negative effects on a body, like low energy, depression, heart failure, and even death. In reality, obesity is not a cause it is an effect. The real culprit in obesity is an imbalance in metabolism, correcting this imbalance is as easy as implementing a good fat burning diet. 


A good fat burning diet will include both protein rich foods and low fat dairy products like yogurt and skim milk. Limited amounts of dairy should be included in your diet, and always make sure you choose low fat, since regular dairy products are normally high in fat.


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Most people will incorrectly relate overeating with obesity, and simply leave it at that. Overeating is such a broad term that it becomes difficult to define the problem. Its like saying driving a car causes accidents. We know that simply driving a car will not cause an accident, it is driving recklessly that will cause an accident. Just like in obesity, it is the 'overeating recklessly' that will cause obesity. 


Why can body builders and athletes consume as much as 5000 calories a day without gaining a single ounce of fat? If an average person who engages in limited activity were to consume such a large amount of calories on a continued basis, they would find themselves suffering from morbid obesity in a short matter of time. The answer is simple: a body builder, through the use of a fat burning diet will use up the energy, before it can be stored as fat.


When a person consumes food, the body will begin a process called metabolism. Metabolism originated from the Greek work 'metabolismos', which literally means change. Your body will change the food into stored energy. If your body does not use that energy in a short period, it will convert it into fat


Because your body is constantly processing and storing the foods you eat, it will begin to slow down this process when it knows that food is being stored and not used, thus resulting in more food being stored as fat. In order to correct this problem you need to start a fat burning diet that will force your body to use up the stored energy.


Fat Loss BreakthroughEating proper fat burning foods will correct your metabolism, and soon you will notice a reduction in body fat. Including protein rich foods, like fish, eggs and chicken are ideal for a fat burning diet. These protein rich foods, when metabolized are not stored the same way as carbohydrate rich foods like breads and sweets, because protein rich foods are very low in stored energy value. 


Your body requires energy to function properly. If you do not feed your body anything it can use for energy, it will utilize the stored energy already in your body. This stored energy is often times called body fat. Once your body begins to receive more protein rich foods, it will use the stored energy (body fat). Performing aerobic type exercises will use up this stored energy quickly, since you are not replacing this stored energy, (because you are not eating high energy foods like carbohydrates), your body will begin to lose fat and you will notice a drop in weight and inches.


A quality fat burning diet will also include certain drinks that will have low energy values. Water is important because it serves many purposes. It will make you 'feel' full, it lubricates your joints and muscles, and it cleanses your liver and kidneys by flushing out toxins. Another important drink is green tea that will help in fat oxidation when the body is at rest. A 2005 study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded the daily consumption of green tea containing 690 mg catechins for 12 weeks reduced body fat.

Your health is in your hands, But all the advice and fat burning programs in the world will not benefit you, unless you take an active interest in reducing your body fat and avoiding obesity. 


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