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Cheat Your Way Thin Review Overview

Cheat Your Way ThinAre you currently searching for the perfect solution to your weight problem? Perhaps you’re unhappy with your eating habits and have tried almost every available method to reduce your over all weight, but keep slipping up mid way through dieting? Well I wouldn’t feel bad, according to Joel Marion one day of indulging in your favorite snack foods during a diet is probably the best thing you could do to ensure successful fat loss. It might sound like another weight loss scam but several of his ideas have scientific grounding as he explains in greater detail in his new downloadable diet program conveniently named the “Cheat Your Way Thin” 

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What is the Cheat Your Way Thin Diet?

Most people who have spent some time searching for weight loss programs will be familiar with Joel Marion; he is a well known nutritionist and fitness instructor with a range of diet products. Cheat Your Way Thin is one of his latest systems; it focuses on a revolutionary idea that goes against our deep seeded ideas of how a person should attempt successful dieting. The main bulk of the system is made up of a low carb diet; you are given a step by step set of menus and exercises to undertake over a 4 week period. The program is split into 2 phases, the initial 3 week priming period in which the body is gradually eased into the ideal physical state for rapid weight loss; this is then followed by the core phase that lasts for just one week, it’s in this stage that most of the work is done. There are 5 different versions of the week long core phase depending on your body type and if you are male or female, so if one doesn’t work for you then you can switch to another.

Dieters on the cheat your way thin program are asked to follow the steps to the word and ensure that they do the specified exercises, which are scheduled at 3 times a week and lasting just 25-30 minutes for each session. The whole method works on the scientifically proven idea that when we try to starve our bodies of calories, carbohydrates and certain fats, our system fights back by slowing down the metabolism and holding on to fat reserves as a survival mechanism. Joel Marion realized that if you add a cheat day, one specific day during the diet, you would be able to trick the body into believing you were still eating regularly; this ultimately keeps your system in the ideal condition for rapid weight loss.


(1) Having a cheat day when you can gorge yourself on sweets helps keep you motivated and kills off hunger pangs.

(2) Lasts for just 1 month and can be retaken as many times as you like to attain your ideal weight goal.

(3) There are various alternative plans for the “core phase” of the diet program, this adds more variety and increases the chances of a successful weight loss diet.


(a) There are extra food types, such as protein shakes that must be taken every day, this can add up in cost.

(b) The exercise part of the diet asks participants to have a session in the morning and evening, but it can be difficult to find time for this if you work or go to school.

Customer Feedback for Cheat Your Way Thin 

“The Cheat Your Way Thin program has been one of the coolest things I've ever had the opportunity to do. To be honest, it's fantastic. For a fitness model who needs to stay in top condition year round, Cheat Your Way Thin has proved to be the easiest, most effective, realistic means for me to do so."


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“Thanks giving and Christmas. With Cheat Your Way Thin, Joel taught me how to use periodic cheating during the holidays to speed along my progress and I think my progress pretty much speaks for itself!" 


Portion of actual user review on merchants website


“Strategic cheating been absolutely essential in pushing me toward a lean, ripped body. It repairs metabolism and keeps the fat coming off week after week. With Cheat Your Way Thin, Joel shows you step-by-step how to use the foods you love to help you achieve the body you want!"

Portion of actual user review on merchants website


Product Details

The price of this dieting manual will set you back $77, but at the moment Joel Marion is also including an extra set of 6 books as an incentive to purchase the Cheat Your Way Thin program. Apart from the main program manual you’ll also get the following items:

• Confessions of a Habitual Cheater – More in-depth analysis of the cheat your way thin diet, Joel Marion teaches you how to harness the power of his revolutionary new program.
• The “Game-Changer” Audio – A comforting discussion about the ups and downs of dieting, this audio dialogue is meant to give anyone who is having doubts about their dieting ability that extra boost of positive thinking.
• Cheat Your Way Thin No-Fail Strategies – Like the title say’s this is a concise video covering many tips and tricks that Joel Marion has used himself to work through the diet successfully and keep well away from those dreaded slip ups.
• Ultra E
asy Quick-Reference Cards – These are a printable set of reminder check list cards that keep you on track, so you know exactly what to eat and when to exercise on which days.
• Cheat Your Way Thin Workbook and Success Journal – Keep a journal of all your experiences through the diet is a great way to record your progress and keep yourself motivated as well.
• Cheat Your Way Thin Pre-Program Quick-Start Checklist – Sometimes remembering all the steps of the diet can be confusing, this checklist lays everything out in plain sight for you so that you can go right the way through ticking off what you have done and what needs to be completed.
Cheat Your Way Thin Review Conclusion

In conclusion this diet offers a set of interesting ideas. Using a cheat day has a logical scientific grounding and will definitely lessen the intensity of fast weight loss, keeping those who find it hard to stick to bland dieting menus in the game. You get a fair amount of extra usable reading material with the main program which helps to justify the $77 price tag. The Cheat Your Way Thin diet isn’t a lose weight fast fad diet; it suits more serious dieters who aren’t afraid of a little work to reach their goal.  

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