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Easy Veggie Meal Plans Review Overview

Dieting has become a hobby for some; they go from one type of diet that promises instant results to the next hoping for results, either seeing tiny changes to their weight or none at all. Does this sound like you? Well you’re not alone there are thousands like you and we’re all hoping to find the holy grail of losing weight fast, but what if there is no quick fix solution? Recently a number of people have turned to vegetarian diets as a way to slim down, but how do you start if you know nothing about vegetarian foods or cooking? That is what this new downloadable eBook “Easy Veggie meal Plans” aims to address.

What is Easy Veggie Meal Plans?

easy veggie meal plansThe “Easy Veggie Meal Plans” eBook is filled with hundreds of food facts that delve deeply into how our present eating habits and foods choices are affecting us physically and psychologically. In most western countries and developed societies meat is eaten in abundance, it has become the staple of most family meals, especially for modern Americans and Europeans. The Author reminds us of several well known facts that most people choose to ignore and also brings to light a number of truths regarding the quality of the meat that ends up on our dinner plates.

The brain child of the easy veggie meal plans diet book is Kardena Pauza a professional nutritionist and fitness trainer, as well as a raw food diet enthusiast. In his book he attempts to debunk many of the negative preconceptions of vegetarian meals, such as non-meat diets are bland and boring or the belief that humans were designed to eat meat.

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The Pros and Cons of Easy Veggie Meal Plans


(a) You’re not asked to spend lots of money on extra outside ingredients the foods that you need may already be in your kitchen, or simply buy fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc for next to nothing at your local supermarket.
(b) You get straight forward easy to follow recipes for a range of different styled dishes, this will keep your meal time interesting and keep you enthusiastic about dieting


(1) You may need to buy extra supplements to make up for the vitamins and minerals that vegetarian foods can’t supply.
(2) You’re going to have to re –stock your entire kitchen and refrigerator with new vegetarian foods. This diet is recommended for people who want to lose weight and also make a big life change and increase their over all help, quite a big step for most.

Customer Feedback for Easy Veggie Meal Plans

“When I first Kardena and started this program it was foreign to me. I was very skeptical and even one of those people who teased her in the beginning. But I ended up losing 37 pounds. I feel so much younger on this program. My allergies went away and I no longer take medication."

Portion of actual user Easy Veggie Meal Plans review on onlineweightlossplans.org 


“Not only does the Easy Veggie Meal Plans help you lose fat, but this way of eating keeps off the pounds even if you can't exercise." 


Portion of actual user review on onlineweightlossplans.org  

Product Details

You can buy this eBook for the one off price of $57, but to make the offer more attractive the author has thrown in an additional 4 titles all related to getting the most out of your vegetarian diet and helping you stay slim and healthy. The extra eBooks that you will receive aside from the main title are:

- The vegetarian lifestyle book – This book teaches you everything you need to know about becoming and staying a healthy vegetarian for life, including what vitamins and minerals you need to supplement your diet with and what the best source of those are.

- The quick start coaching call – This title gives you a step by step outline on how to prepare your kitchen for a life of cooking and preparing vegetarian meals, it also delves into tips on how to make the change from a full meat to meat free diet.

- Awesome and unique, “Defend your diet” coaching call – this talk between the author and Craig Ballantyne focuses on how to deal with people who dislike vegetarians and may want to turn you back into a meat eater.

- Raw foods smoothie bonus – 8 of the top smoothie recipes for boosting your energy and keeping you going through the day.

Easy Veggie Meal Plans Review Conclusion

In conclusion the easy veggie meal plans eBook is a great introduction to what vegetarianism is all about and how it can help you both lose weight and improve your health. Definitely not a quick fix method for those who want to burn fat, it is more suited for people wanting a big change in their lives that besides losing weight includes feeling stronger and healthier. The extra titles make the price seem more realistic and also the fact that you wont have to spend more on buying extra specialized diet foods, just stop in at your local supermarket and stock up on vegetables, fruits, legumes etc.

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