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Eating For Energy Review Overview

For some people losing even the tiniest amount of weight can seem like a huge hurdle, but why is it so hard for us to burn fat; especially as there are hundreds of pills, herbs, programs and exercises designed to help us do just that. One particularly bright young nutrition and fitness expert from North America believes he has the solution and has revealed his latest method in an eBook named “Eating for Energy”.

What is “Eating for Energy”?

Eating For EnergyThis 178 page downloadable eBook is aimed at educating dieters on the reasons why our choice of cooked foods are actually stopping us from attaining our goal of having a perfect slim figure and in certain ways may even be having a negative impact on our bodies. If you’ve ever noticed that you lack energy in your daily life, find your mood changing rapidly or are just unable to reduce your waist line, the author of eating for energy, Yuri Elkaim believes that it is the act of cooking our foods that is causing these side affects. His guide book delves into how heat is both destroying the nutrients and minerals that we need to stay healthy and filling our bodies with toxins that cause us to gain weight and produce certain types of cancers.

The book “Eating for Energy” outlines in more details the reasons why eating a hearty diet filled with raw vegetables, fresh fruits and a list of other forms of uncooked nuts and legumes can improve your body’s ability to burn off fat.

Further more Yuri has included a step by step guide on exactly what foods you should avoid and the best ways to prepare raw foods in order to maintain the highest nutritional levels.

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(a) It comes in an easy to download eBook that you can either read from your screen or print out, this allows you to get started with the diet straight away.
(b) You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars a month on expensive protein shakes or low calorie foods; fruit, vegetables, nut and legumes can all be found in your kitchen or bought cheaply from the super market.
(c) It is a non-intensive gradual weight loss program that anyone can participate in, also the fruit and vegetables give a flavorful touch to the overall diet.


(1) The book lacks adequate images and illustrations to help give the reader a clear concept of some of the methods and ideas, which might be difficult for complete beginners. Though if you have dieted in the past the language should be adequate.
(2) It seems to be geared towards athletes or those with a more active physical background, though he does mention that it can be used by anyone.

Eating For Energy Customer Feedback

“I have explored the realm of raw eating before, but Eating For Energy is effortless to read and understand and includes wonderfully, simple recipes that are easy to make. I have lost 10 pounds and feel energetic and healthy."


Portion of actual user Eating for Energy review on merchants website 


“Eating for Energy has further opened my eyes to the extensive improprieties in the cultivating and manufacturing of foods for mass consumption, and the potential dangers of eating these foods. Now, at least 90% of the produce I buy is organic."


Portion of actual user review on merchants website


“Yuri, thank you so much for writing this book! Since I started reading, I have changed my lifestyle forever with better food choices and exercise routiens ( from your podcasts ). I have lost 17lbs and I have more energy than ever."

Portion of actual user review on merchants website


Product Details

The eating for energy extensive guide book on raw foods for weight loss is priced at $39.95; this price not only includes the main guide book, but you also get 8 additional eBook titles for free. Four relate closely to the topic of raw food dieting, while the other four extras are snippets of information and reports on specific areas of weight loss in general. Here are the 8 title that you will download along with the main eBook:

- Nutrition for Athletes: This book is aimed at athletes, but the information inside can be incorporated into the main diet plan and increase your chance of success.
- 12-Week meal plan: This is great for beginners, giving them a simple easy to follow 12-week diet plan.
- Healthy recipe guide: If you want to maintain a fat free healthy life, but are not the best cook around than this may be helpful.
- Smoothie and Juice guide: 45 quick and easy energizing smoothie recipes
- Weight loss Tele-Seminar: 68-minutes of in depth information bout losing weight
- Detox Tele-Seminar with Makoto Trotter: Reasons why you should be detoxing your body on a regular basis in order to stay healthy and keep off the pounds.
- Alkalinity Tele-Seminar: Why acid in the body leads to illness and how you can alkaline your system.
- Interview with Bestselling author Raymond Aaron: an insightful 1-hour interview on weight loss and dieting

Eating For Energy Review Conclusion

In conclusion, this guide is an ideal purchase for anyone tired of fad dieting or who has still not been able to find a diet program that suits them. Definitely not a get thin quick type of product, so if you don’t want to suffer through a month of starvation and still enjoy a menu with some taste this might be the right choice for you. The price is made more attractive by the extras that you get with the eating for energy download and they appear as if they can be used to optimize the overall success of the diet.

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