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Melt Off Fat Instantly In your mission to reduce excess body fat, daily exercise and supplements are an important part. However, a healthy diet loaded with foods that burn fat can be a vital difference between success and failure. After all, what would be the purpose of spending hours exercising and countless dollars on fat burning supplements if you defeat all that by not eating proper foods that will help you burn off excess fat?


Foods that burn fat are plentiful, easily found and usually less expensive than high priced diet pills. The number one fat burning food is lean protein. Meats are rich in protein, which have a lower thermic effect. Thermic effect is the amount of energy it takes for your body to break down or metabolize a food you consume.


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A normal food will require an estimated 10% of the calories it contains, to metabolize. In other words, a food that is 200 calories per serving will take about 20 calories for your body to break it down. Lean protein; because of their complex structure, takes more calories to metabolize than other foods, making it an ideal fat burning food. Your body will metabolize food (break it down), to retrieve the carbohydrates in that food to convert to energy. Some foods have very simple structures and require little or no calories to break down. Other more complex foods can require anywhere from 10% to 100% of their caloric value to break down.


Foods such as celery and grapefruit are ideal foods that burn fat, because they have a negative caloric impact; meaning that the amount of calories needed to break it down exceeds the amount of calories it contains. If you are feeling hungry for a snack, choose one of these foods, they will have a negative balance of calories and they give you may fill the void until mealtime.

When choosing meat products, look for 95% lean minimum, although it may be a few cents more per pound, the benefits you receive are much greater. Meats that advertise lower percentages like 73% or 80% are full of cereal fillers that actually defeat the purpose of eating protein rich foods.


When selecting dairy products, stay with 2% or lower milk products, and cheese that list zero carbohydrates. These protein foods can contain fat and it is best to choose lower fat dairy products. You can lean about other foods that burn fat by finding a fat burning guide online. Many of these guides will direct you to an effective diet designed around lean proteins and dairy products.


The key to succeed in any program is to exercise daily, eat a healthy diet that includes foods that burn fat and stick with your program. Soon you will be able to reduce the excess body fat and keep it off.

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