Fasting To Lose Weight And The Things You Should Know

Eat Stop Eat BookFasting to lose weight is a very popular method among those who have a great amount of weight to lose, or want to learn discipline while they are dieting. However, this route can be extremely dangerous if you are not careful. By starving yourself for a period of time, your body will draw on the fat near the muscles, which will result in weight loss. However, your body will also draw on the energy of your muscles as well, to protect your internal organs.

That is why there are a few things that you should keep in mind if fasting to lose weight is something you are considering.


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1: Burn Fat, not Muscle

When you fast, you must make certain that you are not damaging your body. You cannot simply cease to eat and drink for a week while you fast. Sure, this will lose you weight. However, it will also damage your muscles. Fasting can be dangerous because you do not directly control what type of weight you are losing. Your body will burn fat and muscle as it sees fit, which can result in weakness of the muscles, and leave you more prone to injury in the future.

2: You must consume liquids.

Fasting can be dangerous, because some individuals believe fasting to lose weight means that you cannot eat or drink anything. The human body can survive thirty days without food. That same human body will die after seven days without water or liquid. As your body is composed of 70% of water, denying access to water can result in death. Fruit and juice are good sources of liquids that provide enough calories and nutrients to keep your body functioning while you are fasting. If you do not want the calories of fruit or juice, warm chicken broth. As each cup has only ten to twenty calories and provides your body with protein, you can maintain liquids in your body and only consume a few calories per day. Broth also will trigger the sensation of your stomach being full, which will assist you in succeeding at fasting.

3: Know when to Stop Fasting

Knowing when to stop fasting to lose weight is vital. If your body is weak, you are feeling dizzy, or you do not have the energy to do anything, it is time to stop! Knowing when to stop can help save your life. Fasting is not a safe way to lose weight. If you are not careful, you may need to go to the hospital to be hydrated. Fasting should be approached with your safety in mind.

4: Be aware of eating disorders as you fast.

If you find yourself sliding down the slippery slope of wanting to eat and vomit to stop yourself from consuming calories, you want to eat and not stop, or you lack the desire to eat, seek a health practitioner immediately. You may have triggered an eating disorder from attempting to fast. These disorders can be fatal. A healthy body needs a healthy mind, and if you suffer from these symptoms, you need help.

While fasting to lose weight can yield results very quickly, you need to make certain that you make efforts to protect yourself. Of all of the types of weight loss, this can be among the most dangerous that you can participate in.

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