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Melt Off Fat Instantly Anybody and everybody who is obese would give anything to learn a few easy but effective fat burning secrets. You go through great pains to learn these fat burning secrets and make detailed plans to ensure that you follow through with this hard-earned information in order to lose those unsightly pounds.


It can be painfully difficult at first; going on a fat burning program entails unlearning all your old unhealthy habits and getting into a new healthy routine. It often means giving up on those delicious little goodies that you treat yourself too and worse still, it means going out and working up a sweat instead of lounging around on your favorite couch after work. 

But you are determined to do it and you set about it with a lot of enthusiasm and vigor.


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The Success & Failure of Fat Burning Secrets


The good news is, if you do it right, you will start seeing results in as short a time as one or two weeks. Suddenly you have more energy and your clothes don't seem as tight as they were before. Even if you haven't noticed this yet, the dropping figures on your weighing scale can be a great motivating factor and you maintain your routine for the next few months.


Fast forward to a few months hence and you are still enthusiastically exercising and maintaining a healthy diet and checking out your weight on the weighing scale. However, of late you've noticed that the figures on the scale don't seem to be dropping any more; they are stuck at the same number for a while now.


Is the Weighing Scale Broken?


No, it isn't. What happens is, when you first started out on this exercise and diet program your body was not used to the increased activity and decreased food intake. As a result the body reacted by using up its fat reserves and you started losing weight. However, after a few months of maintaining your routine, your body has gotten used to the new routine and is comfortable at the pace you've chosen to maintain.
Does that mean you will not lose any more weight?


What this means is that your body has reached a plateau. In order to break out of this plateau you need to change your routine and surprise your body. Challenge it so that it breaks out of its complacency and starts burning fat again. Look for other fat burning secrets and implement them in addition to the ones you are already using. This does not mean you don't have to make drastic changes to your weight loss program. Instead you could just change the timings of your exercise or perhaps the duration or the intensity. Keep it different on different days. Changing your diet routine will also help you get out of the plateau you have reached in your weight loss journey.


When looking for fat burning secrets, remember that no matter which weight loss program you follow, the key is in switching your exercise and diet routine regularly.  

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