Female Six Pack Abs

Lose Your Belly FatFemale six pack abs has become an obsession among women; even those aged over 40. During the summer, women of all ages start to think about their abs in preparation for the bikini months.

But is female six pack abs possible, even for women over 40? The answer is yes, but women need to do some work to be able to have that sexy middle that would be worthy of any pair of bikini.


No matter how hard women workout or how many hours they spend in the gym, they will not achieve the flat and toned stomach muscles that they desire if they do not pay attention to their diet.

The best diet plan for a bikini friendly body is something made up of everything. Eating almost nothing or eliminating one group of food entirely from the diet plan will just not work.

The key is choosing the right food for each group. To get protein, lean towards lean meat. Turkey, chicken and salmon are the best. Red meat is fine, but not too much.

Carbohydrates should come from oatmeal, wheat and brown rice. Vegetables and fruits, as always, should make up majority of the diet plan. Green tea is also good since it helps cleanse the body and speeds up metabolism.

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Now we come to the workout part. The best exercise to get flat, sexy abs is the stomach crunch. Doing it right is more important than how many can a person do in one day.

The trick is to do it slowly and to be always conscious of the breathing part of the exercise. A woman should be able to feel the tension and tightness in her stomach while she exercises. The feeling should be centered on her middle to make the crunch work.

Another important workout for the abdomen are those that work the obliques muscles. These muscles should be strengthened as weak obliques are responsible for the so-called love handles.

To work these muscles out, try the torso twist. Standing straight with legs apart and hands holding a bar or barbell over the shoulders, twist to one side as far as possible using the upper part of the body and concentrating the effort on the stomach.

To get female six pack abs requires proper eating habits and diligent workout. Doing without alcohol and cigarettes and learning to relax will also help speed a woman up towards the path of a bikini worthy body.

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