Healthy Weight Chart - Achieving Ideal Body Mass

10 Rules of Fat LossThe healthy weight chart is an important instrument in determining the ideal body weight of an individual in relation to his height. The ability to measure such correlation helps nutritionists find ways to battle obesity.

The use of healthy weight chart helps men and women determine whether they are on their way to being obese. This measurement method provides early warning to individuals that can help arrest the onset of obesity and prevent people from being at risk for various diseases associated with being overweight.

Calculating body mass index

Body mass index or BMI is the measure of a person's body fat derived from the correlation between his height and weight. The main function of the weight chart is to provide a threshold for people to determine whether their body mass indexes are still within the healthy limits

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Connection between BMI and obesity

For every height measurement, there is a corresponding ideal weight. The ratio differs among men and women and between teenager or children and adult.

If a person has a BMI that is way beyond the ideal measurement specified in the healthy weight chart, that person can be considered obese, depending on how far he is from the ideal threshold.

If a person is way below the desire or ideal measurement, then he or she can be considered underweight or even malnourished. Going beyond or under the specified measurement in the weight chart for a certain height is unhealthy.

Tool for fighting obesity

The chart is an instrument that has been used by nutritionists and health experts to battle obesity. Knowing how much a person's BMI is off in relation to the number specified in the chart can help arrest the problem of obesity at the onset.

We all know that obesity is a condition that brings with it a number of worse conditions ranging from heart diseases to high blood pressure to emotional disturbances and depression.

Other considerations

Determining a person's health based on his height and weight does not end at the weight chart. There are additional factors that should be assessed to come up with an almost precise evaluation.

Among these are waist circumference, lifestyle and genetic predisposition towards certain diseases. Being able to assess these factors can help an individual address the problem of being overweight before it escalates into obesity.

The healthy weight chart is one of the important tools that can help a person determine whether he is healthy or whether he needs to start losing weight and consult a health professional.

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