Low Carb Weight Loss Diet

Permanent Fat Loss SecretThe low carb weight loss strategy has gained quite a following among diet enthusiasts. Several success stories have been printed and published on the Internet - attesting to the effectiveness of this diet.

What really is low carb weight loss diet? Does it really work? Below, we break down some of the facts that you need to know before you venture into this strategy.

What it is

Low carb diet is built on the philosophy that since carbohydrates are said to raise blood sugar levels - which in turn produces insulin - lowering the amount of carbohydrates will help one lose weight.

You see, insulin is instrumental in driving blood sugar into a person's cells; which in turn, prevents the body from breaking down fats. In simpler terms, the body will be unable to burn fat; hence, it will not be able to lose weight.

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Diet features

A low-carbohydrate diet program is primarily comprised of protein sources like fish, dairy, meat and poultry. It also emphasizes limiting the intake of grains, fruits and starch.


Based on several success stories, this strategy can shake the whole nutrition and weight loss market as we knew it. The major selling point of this diet is that, if you follow it diligently, you will lose weight rapidly.

This happens because diminished intake of carbohydrates lowers the body's natural glycogen reserve. This results in quick weight loss which could range from seven to even 10 pounds a week.

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Potential negative effects

However, this rapid loss of weight and carbohydrate store loss can cause a person to get easily tired. Fatigue, loss of concentration and a feeling of light headedness are just some of the side effects this strategy is said to cause.

Critics of the low-carb program also assert that a person following this diet does not really lose body fat but is only losing water. This allegedly results in lowering one's weight, but in such a way that muscles become softer and the loss of weight brings with it a sagging look.

Should you or shouldn't you

There is no doubt that you will get a result from this diet program. However, consulting a professional nutritionist or a doctor before adopting this strategy is still recommended.

Better yet, stick with minimizing your food intake instead of completely doing without a particular group of nutrients.

Low carb weight loss programs might make you lose weight, but until you are sure of the health-related consequences, it might be better to stick with more traditional diet programs.

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