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Strip That Fat Review Overview 


Strip That Fat is a brand new program on the market that claims to show you how to burn fat using a simple diet plan. One of the features that gives this program the 'X Factor' and marks it out from the others available is that it provides you with a plan for every phase in your fat burning goals. The initial phase helps you to kick start your results and start burning fat fast. Following this, you enter the second phase until you have lost all of the fat you desire. The third phase ensures that you keep the fat off over the long haul.



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While it is true that this isn’t the most innovative fat burning program available in the market, it is still a quality program. It gives you a step-by-step diet plan that you can follow to achieve great results. It also breaks down the diet plan into three different phases to make it easier to follow. Another reason this is a good program is that it offers a diet generator to create menus for you. This will save you a lot of time and second-guessing. All things considered, Strip That Fat is a quality program that is effective when properly followed.






Most people want to know, “Does Strip That Fat really work?”  To answer that, here are the results others have seen from using the program.  The first two weeks of this program are when most people see the best results.  In fact, most people lose several pounds during this time.  After the two weeks, results leveled off to only a pound or two a week.  If you follow the program step by step, you should expect to see similar results. 


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Customer Feedback


We have thoroughly researched the fat loss program, Strip That Fat.  During our research, we read countless customer reviews and online comments.  Here are a few examples of the type of customer feedback we came across. 




“Strip That Fat is a fool-proof system which is easy to understand and follow. Both my wife and self are benefiting from this top-notch weightloss product. So I gladly recommend Strip That Fat to everyone who is interested in improving their lifestyle, physical fitness and happiness.”


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“This program was OK nothing special. basically it is information on dieting that has been around for over 10 years nothing new.”


Portion of actual user strip that fat review on


"Hey, It really works! oh, simply I wasted a big amount of money on useless weight loss pills. Finally I came to know about this diet plan and became a member and I lost 10 pounds in the first 14 days itself."


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While we did obviously find some comments on Strip that Fat, there weren’t as many as other programs. This is more than likely due to the fact that it’s a new program. However, the majority of the comments we came across were positive. There were only a few that thought the program didn’t go into as much detail as it should have.




When you order Strip That Fat, you’ll get:


  • A diet guide and diet generator 
  • A choice between a Gold or Platinum Membership 
  • A 60 day 100% money back guarantee 


The price for the Gold Membership is a one time fee of $47.  The Platinum Membership comes with a few extras and costs $57 to purchase.  Once you order, you’ll get instant access to all of the information. 


Strip That Fat Review Conclusion


Strip That Fat is certainly not a bad program to use to burn fat. It may not provide you with new, cutting edge information, but it does provide you with a high quality plan so you can achieve results. The diet generator is a nifty aid if you don’t like the idea of coming up with your own menus. This is one of the better fat burning programs on the market you can buy, and although the price is a little higher than average, you probably won’t be disappointed with it if you have realistic expectations of your results and stick to the program as outlined.


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