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Fat Loss Bible Review Overview

The Fat Loss BibleAre you one of thousands of people who are unhappy with their weight and have tried, but unfortunately failed to reach their weight loss goals using a number of get thin quick programs? Though it’s not all negative, there are a few diet plans out there that can help you lose a substantial amount of fat, the biggest challenge is being able to keep it off for life. Anthony Colpo attempts to turn the billion dollar a year weight loss industry on its head with his new offering “The Fat Loss Bible” which delves deeply into the truthful facts surrounding current fat burning diets and then gives his own methods as an alternative.

What is the Fat Loss Bible?

The author Anthony Colpo is a certified fitness trainer whose job it is to get people into the best shape of their lives, in the fat loss bible he goes over a number of rules about weight loss that we hold true and then debunks them as false claims, citing scientific data to back up his ideas. Anthony takes a closer look at several diet products that have been around for years and gives you the real statistics on how little success dieters are having taking part in these expensive celebrity endorsed brands. Some of the long seeded claims he holds up as false include:

- Low carb diets help you lose weight by speeding up you metabolism
- Low fat diets help you lose weight
- Eating smaller portions helps you lose weight

The fat loss bible lays out a simple solution to losing weight in the shortest amount of time, which doesn’t involve starving yourself thin or replacing your meals with tiny portions of low fat and low calorie foods. Dieters follow a simple plan, which is combined with a set of specific exercises for optimized fat burning, the author is so confident of his system that he also offers a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied within 8 weeks of using the diet.

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Pros and Cons of the Fat Loss Bible Diet


(1) The facts and information are fully backed up with scientific data.
(2) If anything this book will completely change your mind about the weight loss industry and several major diet products on the market.


(a) There is a lot of information and that many facts it can get confusing to read at times.
(b) The layout is not broken up into easy to read bite size pieces, so going back to find information can be time consuming.

Customer Feedback for The Fat Loss Bible

“All I can say is...damn!! Your program works like crazy! I probably should be angry about all the years I've wasted following the dumb advice of other fat loss 'experts' but I'm way too busy enjoy my new six-pack abs!"

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“I used to think a single digit body fat percentage was something reserved only for the genetically gifted. When you said that I could get my body fat under 10%, I must confess I didn't really beleive you. It just sounded too good to be true. Well, it looks like I owe you an apology for doubting you. I just had my body fat measured and it came in at 8.5%!! You have no idea how good I feel right now!" 


Portion of actual user review on merchant site

“Anthony, my waist has never been this small, and my butt has never been this tight and round ( hope that's not too much information LOL)!! I was at St. Kilda beach the other day with a couple of girlfriends, they couldn't believe all the wolf whistles I was getting! Your methods do wonders for a girl's ego :) Thanks for everything" 


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What You Get With the Fat Loss Bible Package

The Fat Loss Bible costs you a standard $39.95 for the main guide book and diet program, but together with this you’re given 2 bonus electronic books to download as well. These extra titles include:

- The Truth About Weight Loss Supplements – In his own style the author Anthony Colpo takes a close look at popular dietary supplement products and gives you more of the hard truth about their usage.
- They’re All Mad – An expose on low carbohydrate diets and why they just don’t work, Anthony attacks the dieting industry once again with a surgeon’s knife pulling out all the entertaining dirty facts.

The Fat Loss Bible Review Conclusion

In conclusion, this is more than just a good diet plan; the fat loss bible is packed with mind changing facts that give its readers all the facts without any soft edges. It would make a good read for anyone who has spent a lot of money on fad diets and still not reached the promised weight loss mark, this could be the answer that you have been looking for. 

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