The Trimmer Method Review

Website Reviewed: The Trimmer Method

The Trimmer Method Review

Have you like thousands of others around the world been trying and subsequently failing to lose weight using an endless list of expensive get thin quick programs?

the trimmer methodUnfortunately many of the miracle pills, quirky exercise machines and solid food limiting diets out there tend to disappear just as quickly as they appeared, leaving a long line of disappointed customers who are no closer to their goal then when they first started and several hundred dollars poorer to add to that. The truth is that the weight loss industry is a multi billion dollar a year industry, so there are bound to be certain individuals out there who take advantage of peoples burning desire to attain a beautiful trim figure.

Though it’s not all doom and gloom, before you give up on your quest to attain a perfect super models figure you may want to look further into a new weight loss program that has been generating a lot of talk lately, it’s called the “Trimmer Method”.

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What is the “Trimmer Method” and how does it differ from other weight loss programs?

The Trimmer Method is a straight forward no-nonsense diet program that claims to be able to give participant’s visible results after just 17 days of use, in fact they actually guaranteed 17 pounds in 17 days. The creator of the Trimmer Method diet focuses on debunking a number of major beliefs related to effective fat burning; the weight loss industry is making billions from our need to look and feel better about our bodies and ultimately our selves. After reading this program you may be surprised by how little of what you imagined to be true about the right way to lose weight, is actually false. The five main lies that the Trimmer Method expose:

(Myth 1) You should eat fewer calories – Eating too few calories can have a negative affect on your metabolism, you’ll lose a little weight during the initial phases of the diet; but as soon as you stop your strict dieting your metabolism will come back with a vengeance adding more fat then you started with.

(Myth 2) You should eat only “Low Fat” foods – In order for your body to function correctly you need a certain amount of fat, in fact there is a specific type of fat that helps you lose weight more efficiently.

(Myth 3) You should eat only low carbohydrate rich foods – Similar to fat your body needs a decent amount of carbohydrates for energy and burning off fat, with low levels of carbs you will start to experience several uncomfortable side affects, such as sluggishness and weight gain.

(Myth 4) You should use one or several fat burning supplements – This is one of the biggest money makers, companies earn thousands in a matter of days as long as they market and label their products in the right way. If you know how to eat right you don’t need any supplements.

(Myth 5) You should only eat bland diet food brands – Like supplements, some companies encourage their dieters to spend more money on specific brand items, effectively making them more money in the process. Why pay for something that you can make yourself? At least then you know what is in it.

Though most of these rules seem logical on the surface, when you look deeper into the chemistry of how our bodies are affected as a result of following the above rules things then start to take on a different picture.

So how does the Trimmer Method propose to help you lose 17 pounds in 17 days?

The guide by Tracey Trimmer lays out a whole new dieting method, that doesn’t starve you to death on low calorie, non-fat, no-carb diets that come with uncomfortable physical side affects. Instead you will learn how to:

(1) How to pick and choose the right foods and eat less more often so that you don’t end up giving up and gaining back that lost weight.
(2) How to pick the right types of fat so that you lose weight faster, but in a healthy way with no uncomfortable side affects.
(3) How to choose foods rich in the right kinds of carbohydrates that help speed up your metabolic rate and get you losing fat more quickly.
(4) Tips and tricks to motivating yourself to stick to your diet and keep the fat off in the long term.

What You Get With the “Trimmer Method”

Currently the trimmer method is priced at an attractive $37 and if you buy now they are offering an extra set 3 titles along with the order of their eBook, these include:

• Fasting for Weight Loss and Detox – This eBook report lays out all the facts about fasting both as a way to lose weight quickly and to cleanse your body of unwanted toxin build ups.

• Food Addiction: Breaking the Habit – Thousands of people find them selves unable to stop binge eating, it is an addiction like all others and requires careful planning if you want to stop. This eBook tells you all the facts, how to tell if you have a problem and what steps to take to begin breaking your addiction.

• Speed up Your Weight Loss: Sculpt a physical in just 20 minutes – If you’re interested in more than just losing weight, this eBook will help guide you in the right direction towards tightening and toning your body in all the right places.

The Trimmer Method Review Conclusion

In conclusion the 17 pounds in 17 days sounds like it may be a tight squeeze, but the ideas regarding the lies by the weight loss industry are compelling and sound enough to get curiosity bells ringing. At just $37 for 4 great sounding titles it represents something of a bargain. Many people usually spend that amount in a day on food so why not spend it on something useful that will help you shed some of those extra pounds.

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